Kristīne Kilupa
Certificate number: A-168
Certificate valid until:
18.05.2016 – 17.05.2022
Operation certified from: 18.05.2015


All kinds of mediation

Region of operation:



In the sector since 2007


Business Highschool “Turība”

About the agent:

Certificate No A-168 Specialization – sale and rent of high quality apartments, private houses and land in Riga and Riga region. Completed business studies at BA Turība. Consultant with a high sense of responsibility and customer service standards. Regularly raises her professionalism in various seminars, which confirms the agent’s desire to provide quality service to clients. Many years of experience in real estate rentals and sales make it easy to find a customer-specific property or a customer-friendly property, and provides extensive knowledge and understanding of all property acquisition / rental and residence permit processes and promotes professional support from start to finish.

Operational objective

Happy customer who has found their home and appreciates the benefits of our cooperation.


To be a professional elite in quality real estate transactions.


To provide professional and personalized real estate services,
representing the client’s interests in a complex real estate market, saving the client time and money.


Professional attitude, quality of communication, reliability.