Short term rent as a property sales facilitator

Kristine Kilupa.
Full service real estate transactions

There are properties that the buyer is in right away and those that have their potential new
looking for a host for longer.

In such cases, it is worth considering renting the property in the short term. Often owners
is worried that the property will be depreciated and lose value, but after
I can say from experience that the opposite is true.

For example, to offer a property for short-term rent, you first need to bring it down
in perfect order. It is short-term tenants that will be the most demanding in terms of quality, because
expect the suites to be of hotel quality.

This means that you may discover some technical malfunctions or things that are
served, for example, as a result of long-term rentals for which the owner visually
unsure of the property. It through short term tenant requirements and
needs both pros and cons of the property, indicating to whom
most pay attention. Often these can be valuable tools too
sales process.

My services include both property survey and arrangement with
owner for minor technical improvements, troubleshooting and
provision of necessary equipment for short-term rent – bed linen, dishes,
towels and other things. I am also responsible for advertising, reservations, tenant
welcoming and escorting guests, and cleaning the rooms before and after guests.

Of course, putting a property on a hotel level is not one hundred percent
a guarantee of its sale, but it does, in a way, discipline the seller. Often
success lies in the details. Also financially it is more useful – while property
looking for a buyer, covering utility costs or even gaining

At the same time, the property does not lose its ability to be available for viewing at all times
including potential buyers, from advertising to complete
I respond to the sale.

Of course, short term rentals will focus more on downtown area apartments,
will need to take into account seasonality, but this does not prevent you from looking at your property from
such a viewpoint, which is at the same time a closer look at the whole situation.
This is also a benefit for the property buyer who can rent like any guest
property for a week, for example, and consider whether you want to buy it. Sometimes
the habit has great power and things that at first seemed like failures are gone

so significant after a couple of days – non-renovated staircase, the fact that the building does not have a lift
or that the apartment has a shared bathroom. Of course, the seller’s side exists
the potential buyer will not buy the property, but the short term rent is
quality to be considered as transparency in the buying and selling process
promoter on both sides.